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Bath Fizzer Gift Set, Set of 6

Bath Fizzer Gift Set, Set of 6
Minimum: 6
Availability: Expected Ship date: Dec04,2023

Pamper yourself or that special someone with these fun egg-shaped bath fizzers for the Easter season in a luxurious Raspberry Vanilla scent. Set of 6. Available in 3 colors with PEACE, LOVE & BLESSINGS sentiment: Pink, Blue and Yellow. Each Bath Fizzer is 1.8x1.8x2.4 / 70 grams. Gift boxed (7.1x2x7.1). FDA certified. Not tested on animals. Bath Fizzer, Cardboard. Scent Notes: Raspberry, Basic Notes - Musk, Sandalwood, Fennel, Raspberry Vanilla: Top Notes - Vanilla, Milk, Chocolate, Middle Notes - Vanilla, Milk, Chocolate, Basic Notes - Raspberry, Vanilla, Milk, Chocolate.