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Essential Gemstones Stretch Bracelet Set, 3 Asst. w/Displayer

Essential Gemstones Stretch Bracelet Set, 3 Asst. w/Displayer
Minimum: 36
Availability: Expected Ship date: Oct16,2023

Embrace the loving energy of rose quartz, the clarity of clear quartz, and the serenity of amethyst as you adorn your wrists with these meaningful crystals in this stretch bracelet set. Harness their metaphysical properties and enjoy the harmonious energy they bring to your life. Comes complete in a set of 3 (bracelet, heart token, stone) and packaged in an organza (4x5) bag with Sentiment Hangtag in 3 assorted designs. Amethyst: IS A POWERFUL PROTECTIVE STONE. IT CAN INCREASE MOBILTIY, SPIRITUAL AWARENESS, INNER PEACE AND HEALING. IT HELPS POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION FO THE BODY AND MIND. / Rock Quartz: CAN AMPLIFY YOUR ENERGY AND THOUGHT. IT ABSORBS, STORES, RELEASES AND REGULATES ENERGY./ Rose Quartz: IS THE MOST POWERFUL STONE FOR DEALING WITH AFFAIRS OF THE HEART. IT BRINGS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PROMOTES FIDELITY, FORGIVENESS AND HAPPINESS. 36 pieces in a cardboard displayer (9.75x9.5x11.5) at no charge. Gemstones, Organza.