Eyedology Reading Glasses Program Extenstion

Minimum: 1

Eyedology reading glasses convey pure class. Program includes 61 pieces consisting of 2 pairs each of strengths: +1.50, +2.50, +3.00 and 4 pairs of +2.00 in each of the 3 styles: Round and Square in 4 colors: Speckled Green, Brown, Purple and Brown. MDF Counter Display Unit (10.2x10.2x28) at No Charge. Each pair comes with a branded hard case, with a branded cleaning cloth. Materials - Frames: Polycarbonate (rubberized), Lenses: AC Lenses, Spring Hinges. AC Lenses - refers to the lenses being Acrylic material. Acrylic lenses are very strong, shatterproof and durable. The rate of visible light that can pass through the lenses is high-reaching 92%. Acrylic material for reading lenses is also more transparent than glass.

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