For Tea's Sake

For Tea's Sake, Banana Crush


For Tea's Sake Banana Crush. Loose Leaf Banana Green Tea Blend 110g/3.9oz Tin. The aroma of freshly baked banana nut bread will delight the senses while the taste of rich nutty flavor entices the palate. The addition of little silver sugar drops make this tea look and taste like a fancy dessert. Banana Crush combines green tea with banana, almond and papaya pieces, silver dragees, chamomile petals and other natural flavorings with accents of edible silver sugar balls. No GMOs, Gluten Free. Blended and packed in Canada.

  • 11g/3.9oz Tin
  • Green Tea with banana, almond & papaya pieces
  • No GMOs, Gluten Free
Minimum: 4
Dimensions: 2.99Dx5.59inH(in)