Gold Key Ornament w/Displayer

  • GoldKeyOrnamentwDisplayer
  • GoldKeyOrnamentwDisplayer

Welcome Santa to your home with this gold key ornament that features ornate details and comes with a card, reading SANTA THERE'S A SPECIAL KEY HANGING ON OUR CHRISTMAS TREE IT'S NOT THE KEY TO ANY TOY BUT THE KEY TO LOVE AND JOY WE HOPE YOU'LL FIND HIS PRESENCE HERE TONIGHT AND ALL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR WE HOPE AND PRAY THAT YOU WILL SEE THAT JESUS REALLY IS THE KEY. 16 pieces with displayer (4.7X6.5X9.5) at no charge. Alloy, Paper.

Minimum: 16
Availability: Expected Ship date: Aug24,2020
Dimensions: 1.36x4(in)