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Greeting Card w/Envelope, 12 Asst. w/Displayer


Adorable greeting card with brightly colored accents and heartfelt sentiment in elegant typography. Matte finish envelope included. 12 Assorted Designs: Blue/Moon/LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. Yellow/Angel/ANGELS DANCED THE DAY YOU WERE BORN. Purple/Butterflies/STOP, SMILE, BREATHE. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Blue/Hot Air Balloon/AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS. Yellow/YOU ARE AMAZING. REMEMBER THAT. Green/Flowers/FRIENDSHIPS... Pink/Flowers/YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL TO ME. Pink/Heart/YOU ARE SO LOVED. Blue/Heart & Elephant/ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU. Orange/Butterfly/YOU MAKE MY HEART SMILE. Purple/Flower Mendalas/WISH IT. DREAM IT. DO IT. Yellow/Sun/YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. Pieces include Displayer (11.8x11.5x18) at No Charge. Paper, Iron.

Minimum: 180
Dimensions: 5.3x3.8(in)