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Mini Desktop Trash Can

  • Mini Desktop Trash Can
  • Mini Desktop Trash Can
  • Mini Desktop Trash Can

Whether you're working in an office, studying at home, or engaging in creative projects, this mini desktop trash can is a must-have desk accessory. It promotes cleanliness, helps declutter your workspace, and encourages a more efficient and pleasant working environment. Its small size makes it easy to place within arm's reach, allowing you to quickly dispose of trash without the need to get up from your desk. The removable lid securely covers the trash can, keeping the contents concealed. Not only is this mini trash can a practical tool for keeping your workspace tidy, but it can also serve as a decorative element. The vibrant yellow color adds a pop of brightness to your desk, creating a visually appealing and organized environment. PE Plastic.

Minimum: 12
Dimensions: 3.89x3.9x4.56(in)