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Hug Feel the Love

Mini Heart Token, 6 Asst.


A special token of love. These soft plush heart tokens are a great gift alone or to spruce up a gift bag, accessorise a greeting card or add as a cute embellishment to your party favours. Available in 6 assorted colors: Red/NO MATTER HOW MUCH I SAY I LOVE YOU I'LL LOVE YOU MORE THAN THAT, Pink/THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME IS YOU, Purple/YOU ARE SO SPECIAL I BELIEVE IN YOU, Yellow/SENDING A LITTLE HAPPINESS YOUR WAY, Orange/I MAY NOT ALWAYS BE WITH YOU BUT I'LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU, Mint/ALWAYS KNOW YOU ARE SO LOVED. Polyester.

Minimum: 48
Availability: Expected Ship date: Nov27,2023
Dimensions: 2.25x2(in)