Spring & Easter

Sentimental Necklace, 6 Asst. w/Displayer

Minimum: 36
Availability: Expected Ship date: Dec07,2020

Accessorize the right way with this simple and elegant necklace featuring one gold pendant with a cut-out design and one silver pendant with a sentiment. 36 pieces with displayer (7X11X11.1) at no charge. 6 Assorted Designs: GOOD DAUGHTERS MAKE GOOD MOTHERS, MOTHER IS LIKE A FLOWER, EACH ONE BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE, A GARDEN OF LOVE GROWS IN A GRANDMOTHER'S HEART, GRANDMA'S LOVE IS ALWAYS IN BLOOM, A MOTHER'S JOY BEGINS WHEN NEW LIFE IS STIRRING INSIDE, DAUGHTERS ARE LIKE FLOWERS THEY FILL THE WORLD WITH BEAUTY. Alloy, Paper.