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Astral by Charlie Paige

Valeria Earrings, 2 Asst.

Valeria Earrings, 2 Asst.
Minimum: 4

What sets these 18k gold or white gold-plated hoop earrings apart is their distinctive textured finish. This texture adds depth and character to the earrings, catching the light in an intriguing way and adding an element of visual interest. The unique texture also imbues the hoops with a tactile appeal, making them as delightful to touch as they are to look at. They are lightweight and comfortable, suitable for all-day wear, and equipped with secure fastenings to ensure they stay safely in place. All protected with an essential long lasting tarnish resistant finish to make a beautiful timeless classic. Keep jewelry clean store separately in a soft pouch. Available in 2 assorted colors. 18K Gold / White Gold Plated over Brass - 100% Brass