Toronto, Ontario | August 2014

The Lifestyle and Giftware Leader’s Actions Speak Louder than Words

Trevor Cohen, CEO of Toronto based lifestyle and giftware products industry leader, Giftcraft Ltd., recently commented on the importance of fostering a positive corporate culture and the dividends it pays with employee satisfaction and retention.

Trevor Cohen, along with the company’s Senior Management Team, are keenly aware that it is not simply good enough to talk about a winning corporate culture but rather act on it through the many events and activities held throughout the year in appreciation for the employees’ dedication, loyalty and commitment to excellence.

“I am proud to lead such a dedicated team of associates and am constantly inspired by their work ethic, steadfast attention to detail and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our business objectives. One of the ways we show our appreciation is by hosting a monthly barbeque for our Home Office staff where I, along with my Senior Management Team, man the grills and treat our employees to a much deserved break to sit back, relax and enjoy time with their fellow coworkers” - Trevor Cohen.

Giftcraft also celebrates their team’s life-events, such as milestone birthdays, weddings, retirements and births by hosting companywide celebrations in which Trevor Cohen presents a gift on behalf of the company. Although the recipient has come to expect such a celebration, somehow the company always finds a way to surprise them in unexpected ways. Mr. Cohen also hosts regular luncheons with members of the company’s distribution team. He views it as an invaluable tool in keeping the lines of communication open with the added benefit of getting to know the newer members of his team on a more personal level.

Mr. Cohen further explains, “Firmly believing actions speak louder than words, I am proud of the culture we’ve collectively created at Giftcraft. While perhaps these types of activities can be viewed as small gestures of appreciation by some, they are a critical part of our overall mission to provide our team of associates an environment which not only fosters creativity and security but also creates a sense of being appreciated for the work they do. This is no more evidenced than when we present service awards at our annual Holiday Party. I am constantly astounded and awed by longevity of many of our employees and serves as proof that we are an employer who cares about the people they employ.”

About Giftcraft,
Giftcraft Ltd. is a lifestyle industry leader servicing a diverse network of décor and giftware retailers throughout the world. With corporate headquarters based in Brampton, Ontario, Giftcraft Ltd. sets the standard in innovative design and development of decorative and functional lifestyle products to meet both the décor and giftware needs of today’s savviest consumer.