For your convenience, the most frequently asked questions are listed below. If you are unable to find your answer here, please contact our Customer Service Team. Thank You.

How is Giftcraft Responding to COVID-19?
Your health and safety are our top priorities and at the heart of every decision we make. We are following all governmental guidelines, recommendations and declarations and hoping to communicate with you clearly and directly.
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Where is Giftcraft located?
Our world-headquarters is located in Brampton, Ontario and our US division is located in Williamsville, New York.

How do I become a Giftcraft retailer?
You can apply for a Giftcraft account by completing our online registration request. What type of products do you sell?
We offer one of the industry’s largest selections of home décor, outdoor living & garden, seasonal, licensed brands, jewelry, fashion apparel and accessories and giftware products.


Do you sell your products directly to the public?
Giftcraft is a wholesaler and does not sell Giftcraft or Charlie Paige branded products directly to the public. Select brands are available for public purchase by visiting:
Yo Sox: www.yo-sox.com
Earth Luxe: www.earth-luxe.com
Hint Mint: www.hintmint.com
Lil’ Llama: www.lilllamababy.com


Which Stores Carry Your Products?
Our products are carried in thousands of stores throughout North America with select collections available internationally. Because of the large number of stores carrying Giftcraft products, it is difficult for us to tell you which stores in your area carry any of our thousands of products. We invite you to search online for our products as many of our retailers offer them on their websites.


Where can I return one of your products I purchased or received as a gift?
Giftcraft products purchased or received as a gift should be returned to the store from which it was purchased. Returns and exchanges are subject to the store’s unique returns and exchange policy.


Does Giftcraft have a showroom?
Our showrooms are located in our world-headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, Atlanta AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia (Building 2, Showroom 1521) and the Las Vegas Market (Building C, Showroom C0654).

How are your products tested?
We have a stringent Quality Control process to certify governmental compliance and also maintain records of production runs and tests.

Can I use my own carrier?
Yes. If you have the account number of your freight carrier, we will apply it to your account for all shipments.

Can my account have multiple shipping locations?
Yes. We have a “Bill To” account code to which all invoices will be sent. We also have the option for multiple “Ship To” locations, providing you with complete control to where you want your merchandise shipped.

How do I submit a claim?
Claims can be submitted electronically. For additional assistance please contact Customer Service by calling (USA) 1-877-387-4888 | (CAN) 1-800-387-1777 or by emailing customerservice@giftcraft.com.

How do I submit a resume for employment?
Click here to view all current job openings.